Friday, July 26, 2013

EZPass: Truly Awful 20th Century Website, Unhelpful Email Case Resolution, Good Phone Support though!

As part of moving from New York to Connecticut I've been going through and changing my address and contact information with all of my accounts: banks, credit card, DMV, voter registration etc. 

My last hurdle was E-ZPass, which surprisingly, miraculously and slightly disturbingly already has my new address when I log into my account. How they got this information is another topic though. 

Truly Awful Website

What they don't have is a current day-time telephone for me. However, my EZPass profile- including my address and telephone number is un-editable. 
I can only change my payment information and make payments on the website. 

Good luck!

I can't do this, so there must be a problem with my account. I sent a support request, which was confirmed same day (7/19/13)

And then I forgot about it until today when I finally got a response...

Unhelpful Resolution

LOL! Really!? 

Let me get in my time machine and find a FAX MACHINE to FAX you what?
Do I include a reference number? If so, what is it? My original "resolved" incident number?
Do I just put my name and new daytime telephone? 
Do I write a little letter, do I include a limerick? 

So without a time machine or fax number to use, do I really have to call these jokers up and sit on hold to update my telephone number? 
Something so simple, so painfully SIMPLE! 

Instead of having me click *EDIT* on the website and type my own phone number into a little box I've already logged in and authenticated my account credentials to view, I have to call, sit on hold, and have one of  their staff TYPE MY PHONE NUMBER INTO A LITTLE BOX. 

By the way, while I'm in my time machine looking for a fax machine, let me mention how awful the website is in general, specifically the color scheme and RADIO BUTTONS (defaulting to the infuriating Account number setting, who has that memorized?) 

1998 FAXED and said they want their webmaster back

Great Phone Support

Just for giggles I decided to try calling up during lunch and seeing how awful it was.

I was thoroughly issue was resolved in under 5 minutes.

I got a representative within a few minute and he had changed my phone  number, I double checked on the website and it took effect.

So in reality I could have saved myself a week and actually had my issue resolved had I just called up in the first place, but you never know how deep the phone queue is going to be. Maybe I got lucky today and if I called last week it would have been awful.

Still Room For Improvement

Besides the obvious of just putting this functionality into the website,

This is what the phone support entailed:

  • None of the phone prompts are for my issue, I don't know that until they get to 9 for a representative. Maybe because it's a fairly low-volume issue? - OK!
  • After I press 9 I am asked to punch in my 9 digit account number, or 11 digit tag number. I opt to punch in the account number  - OK!
  • Hold for under a minute - Good! 
  • I get a support rep and am asked to Read back my account number, typing it in must have just been to keep me occupied for a little while. - Terrible! There was a perfect, machine readable copy of the account number already transmitted to you, why must I speak it back?

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